Welcome to Spring Lake Schools Transportation.

If you have not registered your child for transportation, you need to do so by clicking on the Registration link.  You must complete a registration for each child.  This registration process was communicated in May 2015.  

In order to view your child’s transportation information on Power School, you must have your Power School I.D. and password for each child.  If you do not have this information, please phone your child’s school.

The Spring Lake Public Schools Transportation Department has provided these pages to acquaint you with information about our transportation services as well as our district guidelines and procedures related to bus routes and bus stops.
Our mission is to provide the safest and most efficient means of transporting your students to and from school. Parents/guardians are requested to identify one pick-up and one drop-off location for the school year at the registration tab. Please understand we are unable to provide personalized service for the 2500 plus students in our district.  The bus stop may or may not be located at the home address. However, students will be assigned to the nearest designated bus stop within the prescribed walking distance.  Walking distances for High School/Middle School are up to 1-mile to school and 1-mile to the bus stop.  The Intermediate/Elementary are similar with 1-mile to school, and 1/2-mile to the bus stop. The distance may be further for cul-de-sacs, subdivisions, dead-end and one way roads. 
Students are required to ride the bus and use the bus stop they have been assigned.  All of this ensures that the school will know who is actually on a bus, their bus stop,  and assists us in locating a student in the event of an emergency. Should a bus have more students than available seating, students may be moved to an alternate bus without advance notice. All students must be at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up.  Parents picking up students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to drop off time.  
Parents should be advised that as of May 2012 there are no bus passes for the same bus different bus stop or another bus and stop.  It is essential that there is consistency.
We have a staff of 20 professionally trained and certified school bus drivers who use the utmost care bringing your students to and from school each day.   Our full time professional mechanic maintains our fleet with a commitment to safety and reliability.  Our administrative and office staff, consisting of the Transportation Director and part time Transportation Coordinator, strives to provide prompt and courteous services to all students with integrity and efficiency. 
Did you know that the yellow bus is 27 times safer as a mode of transportation to and from school than an automobile?  The average ride on a school bus is approximately 19 miles long.   This means that your student, over a 13-year period, may travel up to 47,320 miles (twice around the world) or 2,839 hours (354 eight hour work days) on a school bus!
Please contact us with questions or concerns.  Phone:  616-846-5507
Marian Karell, Director of Transportation,