Cultural competence

The Spring Lake Public Schools Cultural Competence Committee is made up of representatives from every school in our district.  We are aligned with the North Ottawa Cultural Competence Committee, which is spearheaded by the Grand Haven Area Chamber of Commerce. 

We are a newly formed group with three primary goals;

1.  We will promote the culturally-related activities that are happening in our district.

2.  We will administer a climate survey to 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th grade students.

3.  We will promote/discuss cultural activities with staff in our district.

Our definition of “cultural diversity’ extends beyond race.  Many people would be surprised to see the wide range of diversity that exists in many subsets of the Spring Lake Schools’ population.  Diversity includes categories like gender, socio-economic status, national origin, children with disabilities, as well as racial heritage.  In essence, we are all different and we at Spring Lake Public Schools celebrate and value those differences. Every person is an important part of our school community and has the right to feel safe and respected regardless of race, economic status, learning style, heritage, or disability.

Please check this page frequently to explore the many cultural activities that occur in our schools on a daily basis.

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