Greetings from the Superintendent

Welcome to the official Spring Lake Public Schools website. As you review our website, you will learn about the many opportunities we provide for the children and adults of the Tri-Cities area. Spring Lake Public Schools has set high standards for its students. It is our mission to ensure that all students meet these standards. Whether it is a pre-school program preparing children for kindergarten, after-school and in-school tutoring programs, technology training, or support for families and parent education, we are here for the children. The common thread that unifies all of our services and programs is the commitment to assist every student to achieve success. The strength of this district lies in a resourceful and responsive staff that works in partnership with students, parents, and community organizations to meet the needs of all SLPS children. Thank you for visiting.

Dennis Furton, Superintendent
phone (616) 847-7919

Mission Statement

Educating and inspiring each student to live, learn, and lead with excellence.

Vision Statement

In partnership with our community, Spring Lake Public Schools will prepare students to build a world that doesn’t exist. We will ensure exceptional and global learning opportunities by being world leaders in student achievement, curriculum, and teacher excellence.